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Learn more about upcoming events and how you can volunteer, donate, or sponsor.

View photos of past events.

BCM Tournament & Family Fun Day

Sat. Aug 17, 2019 at 11am-7pm

Titus Sparrow Park

200 West Newton Street

Boston, MA 02116

Just a good time for all so we can put the UNITY back in community!






If you're just coming for the good time, RSVP NOW!



Wed. August 21, 2019 at 6:30pm

Mt. Hope Cemetary

355 Walk Hill Street

Boston, MA 02131

7 YEARS!! Bo would have been 33 this year! We're celebrating our angel and the first reason behind Better Opportunities, Inc. the way he would want us to!

Coming Fall 2019

Time TBD

Location TBD

Boston, MA

Group discussions on money, things that interest you, and issues that are important to our community.

Coming October 2019

Time TBD

Location TBD

Boston, MA

A series of performances that address racism including a docuplay surrounding the murder of Burrell Ramsey on August  21st, 2012 by a Boston Police Officer, where family recalls emotions and memories .

Coming Soon

Time TBD

Location TBD

Boston, MA

Celebrating life and remebering our fallen angels.

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Volunteer & Donate

Volunteer & Donate


We understand your time is precious and we value every second you donate to helping BO improve our communities. Please register for BO updates for upcoming volunteer opportunities or to volunteer for a specific event please visit our events page. We know that your actions and support sets an example for us all, so that we as a team, can better the communities we live in. Please email us the event(s) you wish to volunteer for. Your support will not go unnoticed.



Better Opportunities is still in the incubation stage of development. For this reason we are seeking funding for all areas, especially operating expenses, staff, supplies, equipment, and program development. With your generous donations Better Opportunities Inc is able to sustain our commitment to our communities. We appreciate all donations and look forward to serving Boston's urban neighborhoods. Your kindness has a tremendous impact in the following areas of Boston: Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, South End, South Boston, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and Hyde Park. Below are several ways to donate and contribute to the success of our communities. Make a monetary contribution with a debit or credit card via PayPal:


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button



To donate via Check or Money Order:

Payable to:     Live4BO

Mail to:            Better Opportunities Inc

        PO Box 170208

        Boston, MA 02117


As a start up nonprofit, space and services are major for the success of BO. We appreciate all gifts.

In-Kind Donations that we are always in need of include:

          Papergoods & Plasticware Napkins, plates, cups, forks, spoons, etc

                               Ice and Drinks Canned/bottled/pouched sodas, waters, juices, etc

                                   Art Supplies Canvases, paint, easles, paintbrushes, space, studio time etc

                        Business Supplies Gently used or new computers, printers, interview clothes, paper, ink, space, etc


Please click here if you would like to make an In-Kind Donation.


Seasonal Events:

In The Making

Bo offers several sponsorship opportunitities available through two campaigns and several events, many of them annual. 


Justice for Bo Campaign

All funds donated will go toward seeking justice

for all Bo's of our community, including, but not

limited to, legal fees, burial bills, and campaign posters.


Live4BO Campaign

All donations will go towards funding community events and various activities that foster self expression, creativity, and individuality. Your contribution will provide art supplies, studio time, computers & software, and more.


There five different sponsorship levels and a minimum of four major opportunities a year to become a sponsor with our seasonal events.



Investor        $2500


Believer        $1000


Advocate      $500


Supporter    $250


Friend           $100


Events vary in cost due to size, location, needs and more; therefore, variable aspects of events are availble for sponsorship, such as:

  • Food for Volunteers

  • A Special Guest for an Event

  • Venue and Associated Costs

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Portable Bathrooms

  • Security

For more information on each event, click the event photo. For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact us .





BO would like to thank everyone in advance for volunteering and donating! Better Opportunities Inc is working hard to become a 501(c)(3) charity where all donations are tax deductible. Any good faith donations made during the application process can still qualify as a tax deduction once BO has been approved. All donors will be notified of BO's status once the process is complete.

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