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Live4BO: 4 The Love of Money


‘4 the Love of Money’ covers everything pertaining to personal finance management and responsibility in a Financial Education Workshop. This workshop ensures members of Bo will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the financial world through hands-on and critical thinking exercises.  This quarter of the Essential Life Quadrant will cover the following topics: Understanding everything from APR to the signature line, Saving & Investment Tips To Increase Your Net Worth, Protecting Your Credit by understanding how it works, and Best Decisions for Big Purchases. Need To Know: Rights, Responsibilities, & Terminology; Making Money Work: Banking, Budgeting, & Investments; Understanding Credit: Score, Cards, & Loans; Understanding Purchases: Buying, Financing, & Leasing

Need To Know:
Rights, Responsibilities & Terminology

Understand everything from APR to the signature line 

Making Money Work: Banking, Budgeting, & Investments

Learn saving and investment tips to increase your net worth

Understanding Credit: Score, Cards, & Loans

Protect your credit by understanding how it works

Understanding Purchases: Buying, Financing & Leasing

Make the best decisions when making big purchases

"Many people are in the dark when it comes to money, and I'm going to turn the lights on."

Suze Orman

Check Out Our Annual Event: Time Is Money Expo

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