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Focusing on my interests, I graduated from Bunker Hill Community College with an Associates of Science in Business Management followed by a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from Bay State College. Initially my goal was to establish my own event planning company, Ramsey Events, with a venue. With my company, I intended to host public events to encourage unity and strengthen Boston’s urban neighborhoods.

Growing up in Boston’s inner city neighborhoods, I realized our communities lack art programs, financial and professional knowledge, and are overwhelmed by violence. Art is essential to maintaining sanity and its’ importance is more than often overlooked. Art is an escape, a saving grace for so many; it allows you to lose and find yourself at the same time. Art is seen and heard; it’s written, spoken, and felt from the heart of individuality but art programs are the first to be cut in urban cities because the importance of expression is lost. I firmly believe everyone needs an outlet and to take that away from anyone is equivalent to not believing in and stripping them of any potential tools for success. It wasn’t until I was applying for college in 2003 that I realized I didn’t have the basic art skills and knowledge necessary for architectural or interior design. At that moment, I understood exactly how the lack of art curriculums affected me and my peers.



Nikia Ramsey

Founder & Executive Director

Founder & President

Along with art techniques, many minorities are not educated on the magnitude of credit and professionalism. These topics are disregarded in urban areas because there is a deficiency in principal education. As I learn how to improve my credit and life, I feel it is my duty to disclose the information I come across to as many people as possible in hopes that I can guide them away from detrimental mistakes. I want to equip my peers with the tools for success from personal financial management to time management and presentation, in order to seek and obtain better opportunities. I have always felt that as a community, we needed to “do better” in the sense of obtaining and sharing knowledge as well as encouraging and supporting each other. I personally feel that there is a whole world that the urban communities are not privy to due to lack of knowledge or burdens of personal situations. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I was faced with an eye opening tragedy that I vividly understood; if I wanted to see change in these communities, I had to initiate the change. Only then did I realize that helping people was more than just an interest, it is my passion.

Before graduating from Bay State College, my brother was shot and killed. My brother and I shared a common interest of helping people. He was the kind of person who would give you his last, his everything, especially if it meant you were going to do something positive for yourself or someone else. He was also into music and very talented when it came to expressing himself lyrically. As a way of honoring my brother, Burrell “Bo” Ramsey, I formed Better Opportunities Inc, (BO). Now my mission is to help as many people as I can, reach for and obtain better opportunities for themselves and their families.


I intend to efficiently and effectively grow this non-profit organization by acquiring a Master of Science in Non-Profit Management. With the knowledge I will gain through the Master’s program, I will better my financial sense as well as my leadership capabilities, allowing me to provide the best information to my community. BO’s goal is to inspire those in communities where dreams are often shattered and people become products of their environments. Earning a Masters, will allow me to use the degree as a tool of inspiration, showing those who may have lost hope along the way, anything is possible as long as you work hard for it. I will use what I've learned to help guide people, in their journey of accomplishing their goals and dreams, as I continue mine.


The organization’s slogan, “Live for BO”, has a deep meaning for me because it represents keeping my brother alive. I want to “Live for Bo” by helping others live out their passion through opportunities that were not readily available in our communities. I want it to mean something greater for others; I want to incite a fire within their soul when they hear Live for BO, Live for (B)etter (O)pportunities.


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