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What's In Store for the Future of BO

Bo has BIG plans for enhancing not only our programs but our communities. An online store, a building, and a company van are just some of the features BO is looking forward to adding. Read below to find out more information on each feature.

Online Store

An online store is just a beginning. We anticipate the online store growing into a gift shop in the building we are working hard to acquire in the near future. This store, both online and in physical existence, will be managed by members of the community 

enabling them to develop their 

sales and store management skills.


Along with generating funds to assist in the mission of BO, neighbors will receive memorabilia of their choice to symbolize their support for all that BO stands for.

A Building

BO’s Center will be a full-service, member-operated, non-profit organization. BO's intents are set on helping people better their life, whether it’s through training, continuing education, support groups, or just a comforting place for young adults to go in order to stay out of trouble. With your help BO Inc intends to open a public building with:


  • a music studio

  • a dance studio

  • an art studio and gallery

  • rental space

  • a computer lab

  • a printing studio

  • a copy and service center

  • conference rooms

  • and more


The facility of BO will be the heart of BO and all the services we provide to our community, including work experience. BO’s Center will serve as a multi-purpose safe haven that allows individuals to escape their afflictions and receive guidance and support. BO will provide the equipment necessary to assist constructive release in the form of dance, music, writing, and visual art. Below is an image to help you visualize what we have in mind.

A Van

Once BO has its multi-purpose service center, we will work on obtaining a vehicle to attend cultural and historical outings  around Boston and in other cities and  states. Having a van will enable BO to enhance its community member's outlook on life by experiencing life in other places.


However, before BO starts to explore different areas of the U.S., we will help young adults in our community get to job interviews and important meetings. We will also have a T-pass program to ensure members are able to arrive for work on-time.

Please support BO in our mission to improve the future of our communities.


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