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Bo offers several sponsorship opportunitities available through two campaigns and several events, many of them annual. 


Justice for Bo Campaign

All funds donated will go toward seeking justice

for all Bo's of our community, including, but not

limited to, legal fees, burial bills, and campaign posters.


Live4BO Campaign

All donations will go towards funding community events and various activities that foster self expression, creativity, and individuality. Your contribution will provide art supplies, studio time, computers & software, and more.


There five different sponsorship levels and a minimum of four major opportunities a year to become a sponsor with our seasonal events.



Investor        $2000


Believer        $1000


Advocate      $500


Supporter    $250


Friend           $100


Events vary in cost due to size, location, needs and more; therefore, variable aspects of events are availble for sponsorship, such as:

  • Food for Volunteers

  • A Special Guest for an Event

  • Venue and Associated Costs

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Portable Bathrooms

  • Security

For more information on each event, click the event photo. For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact us .





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