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I miss my son, I miss my child

You took him from me

And hid all the while

I miss my sons face,

My heart’s in a broken place

You took my son without my permission

Now I’m crying, praying, and wishing

That justice be served,

Because, if nothing else it’s what I deserve

You pretend to protect and serve

You got a damn nerve

You carry a badge and gun

Yet expect a brother not to run

You wear a uniform pretending to be a cop

When he asked you not to, you raised your gun and shot

Now I’m left to wrap that around my head

That Boston Police shot my son dead

No words of comfort you said nothing nice

I hope to hell this haunts you for life

A mystery shooter, I know it’s weird

He shot my son and disappeared

Its wasn’t a child from off the street

It was Boston Police that walk the beat

Oh yeah, you said he open fired

But we all know that’s code, you liar

That’s what your super told you to say

Its makes it easier to clear you that way

Our children are dropping time after time

But to be shot by police now, that’s a crime

Then you say my child’s death wasn’t violent

It was to me because my life was silenced

As my story comes to an end

How do I tell my 9 year old police are your friend?

You reap what you sow and just so you know

As Burrell’s mother I’ll never let this go.


Burrell's Mom

Carla J. Sheffield

Carla & Burrell

A picture of Bo with his mom, on his way to church.


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