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Tragedy into Triumph

The Rise of Better Opportunities Inc

On August 21, 2012, Burrell "BoJack" Ramsey was shot and killed by a Boston Police officer during what was supposed to a be a routine traffic stop. Despite the numerous witnesses, the investigation is stalling.  To this day we still have no answer as to what happened or why no one was held accountable for their actions.



Burrell was all about the people, and loved to express himself through rap. He was the kind of person who would give you his last dollar or the shirt off his back if it meant you would do something positive with it, with your life. Bo loved everyone and to see everyone doing well, becoming better than the stereotypes that urban youth are often dealt at an early age. Like many, Burrell has made mistakes in his life; he paid his debts and made a conscience effort to change his lifestyle for the better.


When Bo's life was cut short in an incident that could have been prevented, Better Opportunities Inc (BO) was formed to initiate necessary changes in our communities. With Bo’s two passions in mind, helping people and music, the best way to honor his life was to assist as many people as possible in reaching for better opportunities and expressing themselves. BO's mission is to advocate for change and unity while promoting peace and strength in our communities through art and education.

"No Shine In The Shade."

Burrell "BoJack" Ramsey-White

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