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Jordana Monteiro

Programs & Outreach Director

Born and raised in Boston, MA, I graduated from Concord Carlisle High School to continue onto RCC and Fisher College to Major in English.  I have always been invested in my community.  As a teen, I worked for Youth Opportunity Boston (YOB) where I trained and employed the youth of Roxbury and Dorchester.  I was awarded The Youth Enrichment Award by Thomas Menino for helping and guiding our inner city youth through YOB's Transitional Employment services.  I left YOB because I felt the program was no longer steered towards the youth, but to the grant money.


Having done extensive work with the National Park Service, I was also awarded The "Waymond Pearson" award for Environmental Youth Training and creating the BEAN (Boston's Environmental Ambassadors to the National Parks) Program.  As the urban youth coordinator for the Patriots trail Girl Scout Council, I increased urban numbers by 10%, starting out in cookie inventory and working my way up the ladder.  I also worked as a counselor for Littleton Group Home.  Now, I am the proud owner of Who Loves You Photography, established in March of 2012, and hope to support the youth in the community through art.

The City of Boston and its youth is very important to me. Our young people are truly our future and if they aren't invested in and cared for we will lose them.  If we don’t show our youth how to give back, they won’t be able to give back.  I have always given back to the City of Boston. 


Live4BO is vital to our community.  We have so many programs in this city that don’t give our youth what they need or the youth age out.  Young adult-hood is the time where our young people need the most help and guidance, to leave them out in the cold is dangerous and unnecessary.  As adults we must show our youth better lives and how to create and accept better opportunities and maybe even create those opportunities.  Live4BO is more than guidance; it’s a way of life, the way our young people should be living, teaching and supporting each other.


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