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Darryl Jenkins

Finance Director

Darryl Jenkins is a Boston, MA native; the son of Darryl Jenkins Sr., a United states Postal Service supervisor, and L. Renee Jenkins, a paralegal in Grayson, GA. Darryl graduated from Melrose High School in 2006, as part of the METCO program.  After graduation he attended Fisher College before finishing his associates in business administration at Bunker Hill Community College. Darryl continued his education at Northeastern University studying business management.  After graduating in 2012, he returned to Northeastern University for a Masters Degree in Leadership and Project Management, graduating in 2014.  Darryl worked as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service from 2006-2013.  Currently employed by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue as a Tax Examiner for trustee taxes.


Growing up Darryl was enrolled in many different programs geared toward the positive development of inner city youth.  Attending the Paul Robeson Institute (PRI) organized by the Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts.  There he learned the importance of responsibility, accountability, respect and the importance of community involvement

ones development.  After attending Boston Public Schools for much of his life, Darryl enrolled in the Metco program.  There he had the opportunity to experience diversity.  Being one of very few African American students in Melrose High, he got the opportunity to experience inner city middle class, as well as suburban middle class.  Seeing how the opportunities of those in the same “social class” differed so much from where he lived and where he went to school.  That inspired him to help improve the opportunities of those who live in the inner city.  Everyday after high school, Darryl attended the Urban Dreams Youth Development Program, where leaders from the community and interns from surrounding colleges, helped students with schooling, financial education,  college preparation and personal development.  Attending Urban Dreams played a major importance on Darryl's views on his community.  The role models at Urban Dreams made sure that each student made the best out of every opportunity that they encountered.  Seeing how some of his peers who did not have the same guidance that Darryl received, had a harder time trying to succeed in the inner city.  That inspires Darryl to make opportunities that he had available to all children and young adults, as those children face many social challenges, if they had programs such as Urban Dreams and Paul Robeson Institute, they can find the opportunities and take full advantage of them.

Better Opportunities is important to him because of the opportunities that he had growing up.  Darryl understands that there are better opportunities available but many people are unaware of them, discouraged by their current position, or simply just let them pass them by. Darryl's goal with Better Opportunities is to raise the awareness and involvement of educational opportunities, business opportunities, employment opportunities and social opportunities. In a society where legacies are tainted, dreams are shattered, potential is ignored and inspiration is convoluted with negativity. Better Opportunities is here to promote change for the better.



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