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Anthony Thomas

Communications & Marketing Director

Ant Thomas, Boston native, is son of former bank manager Sharon Howell, and fellow artist  Anthony "Ace" Thomas, Sr.  Ant Thomas has been an artist his entire life, but has only released a limited amount of material.  Ant Thomas comes from a very diverse background, he is the oldest of 8 children.  Thomas was able to rise above the disparate socio-economic life he was born to and life exposed to being raised in the less visited sides of Boston.  Thomas graduated from  Bryant University  where he was a varsity football player and basketball player.  Two weeks after Thomas got his diploma he was working at  Ocean Spray  as the Retail Operations Manager of the Northeast.

As of March 2012, Thomas decided he would pursue his career as an artist and launch his own company doing business as  Thomas Ent.  Thomas Ent is the latest addition of many entrepreneurship ventures made by Ant Thomas.   2eucefam LLC, an event planning group Thomas started 4 years ago in the New England area with 5 other childhood friends and family members, is the entrepreneurial venture that Thomas is most recognized for.  Ant Thomas serves as the Director of Sales & Marketing for 2eucefam, creating innovative Marketing & Promotion Plans.


For Thomas Ent, Ant Thomas, serves as the Founder/CEO and leading artist, for the company.  Thomas Ent has a mission to build personal and company brands through management, marketing, and sales.  I am passionate aboutLive4BO, because with my background, I was not supposed to be successful, and Live4BO provides people a platform to be successful with dismal backgrounds.  I was able to defy those odds by staying involved in activities in industries I wanted to pursue, and staying focused and determined, all things Live4BO will provide.  My friend and Brother, Burrell Ramsey was murdered, before he was given his chance to succeed at the level he wanted to; I want to be a part of the company that does not allow potential to die. LIVE4BO


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