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Executive Director

Aja Ramsey

Administrative Assistant

I am the youngest and only girl in my large family of seven. My parents separated when I was 10, and my mother raised me as a single parent. Growing up in Boston, MA, I witnessed a number of violent acts in my community; to safeguard my future I joined variety of programs as in D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse and Resistance Education) and Peace Games. As a participant in such programs, I learned to cope with stress, violence, drug abuse, and other issues that effected my environment. I am currently working towards a degree in business with a minor in finances.


I have experience working with the youth and starting nonprofits. I was Director of Planning for a student activity group, Club H.O.P.E (Hop On Proper Education), at Roxbury Community College. I specialize in coordinating events from fundraisers to community projects. In my pursuit to enrich my community, I have coordinated and hosted an open mic night, a peace rally and a holiday party for the community. 


I invest my time and life to Live4BO. Besides the acronym (Better Opportunities), it's represents a relative of mine, Burrell “Bo” Ramsey-

White, by marriage. My husband is his first cousin and he was very close to Bo. I want to show people that life still goes on even though we lost someone that was close to us. Although I did not know him as long as others did, I still loved him and the family.


I want to give back to the community to let people know that there are people out here that are willing to help them. Even if that means I have to walk with them through their life struggles, I will. Live4BO means working together to better ourselves and our community as one unit. By providing a variety of services, it opens doors for the community to a pathway of success.


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